Eirlicious is here!

Harbour View is delighted to welcome Eirlicious to our growing family!
Eirlicious is an Irish based company that specializes in operating culinary tours throughout the country for both incoming and domestic tourism. For more information on the selection of tours, visit Eirlicious.com.

(Source: Eirlicious.com)

(Source: Eirlicious.com)

Thank You!

As we prepare for our ’1 Year BBQ Bash’, we’d like to say thank you to all our clients from the past year…Harbour View will be exactly 1 year in business on May 13th. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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April Networking Night

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Networking Night
April 21st. 7pm

The Harbour View Biz Group Networking Night is on Tuesday April 21st. All are welcome. No Membership Fee required.


April Networking Night

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Here are all the details you need for The Harbour View Biz Group April Networking Night.

Date: Tues 21st April

Time: 7pm

Registration: Free @ Eventbrite (€10 entry fee paid on the night).

Entry: €10

March Networking Night

This month’s Harbour View Biz Group Networking Night is coming up on Wednesday 18th March.  This change of  time (from the 3rd Tuesday) is due to St. Patrick’s Day on the 2nd. Register here. 

GRID Finance Info Evening

You are invited to a free information evening to learn how alternative sources of finance can help business owners in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown to revive their commercial, business and retail district. register here