Ellen Gunning, Director of the Irish Academy of Public Relations

Harbour View Business Centre| Ellen Gunning, Director of IAPR

Ellen Gunning, Director of IAPR


The Irish Academy of Public Relations specialises in providing communications education and training courses. The Academy was established in 1992 and initially provided public relations and event management courses around Ireland.

Since then the Academy has expanded and now provides online courses in journalism, event management, public relations, social media marketing and grammar. Students from around the world can study for the Academy’s Certificate in Public Relations through five different languages; English, French, Spanish, Polish and Russian. Radio and television presenter courses are taught in studios in Dublin, and partner colleges and universities make the Academy’s courses available to students all around Ireland.

Those who study with the Academy include communications professionals who want to brush up on their skills, school-leavers or people who want to make a career change , and volunteers from clubs and charities who want to learn how to promote their activities or find out how to organise fundraising events.

The Irish Academy of Public Relations has a global network of graduates from Malawi to Moneygall and from Paris to Perth and we are looking forward to the future from our new home in Harbour View.

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